Monday, 12 November 2012

for you my love

Dear Fazrul,

How are you? I hope you are being blessed . I am writing this letter because I am afraid that there's no tomorrow for me. I have many things to say to you before I die.

It was 5 months ago when I had know you. From the day I met you, I know we'd be together and now I know I wanna be with you forever. You know how much you meant to me. You mean world to me. Even though I've no longer in this world, but I hope you will never  forget me. I love your silly jokes, it really makes my day. For me, you are the greatest person I ever  had in my life. You're such a good my lover and loyal best friend.

We always dreamed about our life if we get married someday. You got me thinking about our life, our house and kids.I am truly grateful for having a wonderful boyfriend like you. I hope you will remember every memories that we cherish together. You know, I'm not the one of the prettiest girls around, but you make me feel very beautiful when I'm with you. 

My dearest boyfriend, I can say I'm truly happy to this day you make me thank God that I live my life everyday .But I know, the time has come and I have to let you go. I think there's something I should probably let you know, that everyday I spent with you and I won't miss you cause I'm happy that I had you at all. Sorry, if i do not listen to your advice. Sorry.. if I have hurt you. I didn't mean to hurt you. I do not have intentionally to make you hurt. Please don't cry for me. Don't let yourself stay sad. And if suddenly you miss me or something, do pray for me. I love you, always and forever... Lastly, please remember me in your prayers. Good bye love. 

I love you Muhammad fazrul bin mazlan ©